Having A Bespoke Hat Made

Blessed with bespoke clothing as a child. I appreciate clothes and hats that fit to perfection and are made with quality craftsmanship. Discover your favourite hat by having it made just for you. Custom made can be expensive but not always, it is worth asking.

How the bespoke hat process works?

At Leanne Fredrick Millinery the bespoke process entails three* visits to my studio and takes approximately 6 weeks**.

First visit is about communicating because hats are all about communicating. What do you want to say? Ideally, you will bring your garment*** and key accessories. Tell me the who, what, where, and when if it is for a special event hat. Trying on sample hats and taking your head measurements are also an important part of the first visit.

Second visit is the fitting or colour check. This middle visit is where the fine tuning happens. The size of the brim, the height of the crown, the fall of the veil, the elements of the trim. Likely not all of these things will need to be addressed. It is also the time to check colors.

Third visit is when you try on the completed hat. In addition, You will learn how to position the hat for the best look. Bring you camera or phone. I will often take a photo of you wearing the hat from a couple of angles, so that you have a reference for when you are dressing or show your hair stylist so they can position it for you. If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to call.

Not all hats or clients require three fittings. There are some hats that do not require fittings and a single visit is sufficient, while other hats require multiple fittings, as the head piece comes together.

Some steps can be done remotely through email and phone calls. If you are interested in a bespoke hat for a special event or every day wear, please call or email and lets talk about what you want to communicate. Then enjoy the pleasure of a hat made especially for you or for someone you love.

Kind regards,

* Although most hats are made in three visits, it can on occasion take more or less. If visits to my studio in London are not possible, please contact me and we can explore other arrangements.
** The time of 6 weeks is an estimate. Frequently a bespoke hat can be made faster, while on occasion it can take longer. I will let you know what you can expect at the time of the first fitting.
*** The dress, coat (or a swatch), shoes or handbag that you are wanting to wear with your hat or head dress.