Cocktail Half Hat with Daisies
1950’s Style with a Wire Frame

Learn traditional millinery skills and techniques without needing a hat block. You will make a versatile and comfortable 1950’s style cocktail hat also known as a half hat with a velvet covered wire frame, beautifully trimmed in daisies and an optional veil. Bring hat wearing back! This style works to finish an outfit. Depending on trimming it can be day wear, evening glamour or romanic bridal.

In this workshop you will make a cocktail half hat with a basic wire frame technique that can be used dozens of ways. They are small, light and don’t required hat blocks.

Suitable for Intermediate &amp Advanced Hat Makers.You must be comfortable with hand sewing and threading your own needle.

Full Event Description

Cover, shape and secure a wire frame to create your own Cocktail Half Hat. There will be some samples to look at and loads of pictures for inspiration.  You will learn my technique for creating a velvet covered wire frame, with a netting/tulle base and an optional veil.  I will be teaching daisy flowers for the trimming. If you hate daisies you can go “off piste” and use something else, like the Nautilus that I am teaching on Monday.  However, I will be focused on teaching the daisy for this workshop.

The Half Hat is easy to wear. It can be fun or elegant. It can be worn as day wear, evening dress or a bridal piece, depending on your style and trimming. This hat travels well and is great for people who like hats, but need something a little easier to manage.

I also like the Half Hat because it can be secured with a hatpin, and if you plan ahead a bit you can make a coordinating hatpin in my Monday morning Hatpin workshop.